Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday!  It was a very uneventful weekend.  I was still off today, thank goodness.  The only exciting thing we did was venture to the Target in Brooklyn.  Crazy times.

This picture sums up Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

We did start creating our long list of "to dos" around the City.  Hoping to check at least one thing off per weekend.

Rather than boring you with what we didn't do this weekend, I thought I'd back track and give a recap of Christmas festivities.  I already recapped NYE here.  It seems like forever since we've been home, but we have some great photos that captured the awesome family time.

Amazing home cooked meal first night back.
 As you may remember, for my parent's wedding anniversary, we sent them to Blue Stem.  So while we were back for the holidays, we all headed down there for happy hour.  Adorable place!

The gang at Blue Stem.

Steak bruschetta for dinner one night.  Easy meal that can can really impress.
 Every year since Jaime and I have been together, our parent's have taken turns hosting the others family for Christmas Eve cocktails.  This year, since everyone was in town, we decided to host everyone for dinner at my parent's for Christmas Eve.  Lots of cocktails, food and games. 

Enjoying cocktails at the Rash's.
My parents definitely know how to host a party.  So cozy!

Sauteed asparagus wrapped in proscuitto with baby tomatoes.  Addicting.

I wish we had a fireplace in our apartment.

A starving group ready to dig in to my mom's traditional ham and potato salad Christmas Eve meal.

Great picture of the this trio.  :)

One big happy family.

Standard picture by the tree.

Christmas morning stockings at the Rash house.
Hoping this week is better than last.  This flu is going around thick people, so keep your hands washed and get some rest.  It took me out for the entire week last week and into this weekend.


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