Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bluestem Kansas City

It was my parent's 30th wedding anniversary two weeks ago.  This makes me feel really old, by the way. 

Anyway, it is so hard to buy a gift for my parents (or all parents really).  They buy everything they want and insist on you not buying them anything.  This makes actually picking something out very difficult.

Rather than buying a present, I decided to plan a night for them to enjoy.

I don't know of too many restaurants in KC, but one that I had heard great things about (we actually looked into doing our rehearsal dinner here) was Bluestem Kansas City.  It appears to be this really cozy restaurant in Westport that seats only a small number of people.

I worked with the manager, Eric, to put together a custom five-course menu for them so that the selection process was complete.  

Eric was so incredibly nice, helpful and easy to work with from afar.  Most restaurants get frustrated and are more concerned about what credit card they're going to run at the end of the night if you're not physically going to be there to pay.  HELLO...I can just read you my credit card over the phone.  It's not that difficult.

Yes, my parents were nice enough to take some photos of their delicious meal.  :)  Definitely try this places out if you live in KC.  Great for a date night!


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