Wednesday, October 8, 2014

To Europe We Go

Image source: Alexadra Gibbs.
Planning a trip is a lot of work. Planning a trip to Europe is incredibly time consuming and exhausting. It is all going to be totally worth it though. I cannot wait. We will be visiting Barcelona, Capri, Rome, and Paris. Neither of us have been to any of these places.

We are incredibly detailed and want to maximize our time no matter where we are visiting. All while leaving time to wander and fly by the seat of our pants (in an organized fashion, obviously). ;)

Between starting a new job and finalizing last minute plans on this trip, I have been quite absent (and busy) lately. I hope to have a number of pictures to share upon our return.

Until then, have a great couple of weeks!


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  1. Katie! I am sure you will enjoy your trip toward Rome, Capri, Barcelona and Paris. These places have unlimited attractions for the people of all ages. Capri is an island. It is very beautiful. Its phenomenal sunset attracts all the people. I visited it three years ago. The second place that I visited in your coming up destinations is Rome. It is the capital city of Italy. It is also the most largest and populated city of this country. I visited it last month before my canadian bus tours. There are many places to see such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Steps, Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basilica, Palatine Hill, Piazza Navona and Villa Borghese gardens.