Friday, September 5, 2014

Health and Fitness Friday!

For the month of August (and now September) I signed up for ClassPass. For those of you that don't know, I like to try new fitness routines as often as possible. You have to keep things interesting.

Here's how ClassPass works. You sign-up and pay $99 per month. You can attend up to 10 classes in 30 days, but now more than 3 of the same class. Since I typically buy, a 10 pack of Barry's Bootcamp classes for $320 and a 5 pack of FlyWheel classes for $165, this is a great deal since these classes are offered through ClassPass. Expensive otherwise, I know! 

In addition to attending my normal classes, I have been able to try a few new ones a long the way.

First on the list was Warrior Fitness Bootcamp. The workout is a drill instructor led class that consists of various workouts and an obstacle course. It. Is. Intense. No one told me that I would be running 20+ flights of stairs by the end. I highly recommend it though. Even though the instructors can be a bit scary, they are nice, but don't take it easy on you just because it's your first time.

I have been twice now and plan on returning in the coming weeks. Yes, I did complete the obstacle course (minus the rope, I have NEVER been able to climb one...not even in gym class). I was surprisingly good at the monkey bars though. Go figure.

I highly recommend trying ClassPass if it's offered in your city. I will warn you though, their interface needs a serious makeover, but their customer service team is very nice.

I will be reviewing the other classes I have tried in the coming weeks.

What do you do to continuously challenge yourself?

Have a great weekend!


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