Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What's the review?

Does anyone else rely on reviews when purchasing something, anything, and then never contribute to the reviews themselves?  I am totally guilty of this and I have to become better about writing reviews after both good and bad experiences.

We review comments pertaining to restaurants we want to visit, hotels we want to stay at, clothes we want to buy, events we want to go to, etc.  Yet I never take the time to write a review in either the positive or negative.  That all has to change!

What sites do we review the most?  For restaurant reviews we typically checkout Yelp, hotel reviews, Trip Advisor and products, Amazon.  

So what's my mid-year resolution?  Write reviews.  I can't help but think others will find them helpful, regardless of what they say, since I read theirs for guidance when making a decision.

First things first, I must write a negative review for Pounds and Ounces a few weeks ago.  While I was a bit dramatic with my disappointment, it was a terrible restaurant!  Not only was the food average, the service was terrible and they weren’t even that busy.  The manager put our check down before we were all even done eating.  I find this to be terribly rude (man I sound old).  

However, I did get to spend time with this pretty lady during her surprise visit to NYC.  That was the only good thing about Pounds and Ounces.


What sites do you heavily rely on for reviews?


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