Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekend Recap: Back to Normal!

Happy Monday!  After being back in KC for a while, it was nice finally getting back to our normal routine this weekend.  Which I guess didn't mean much since the weather was so crappy.  This was my commute on Friday.

I have two photos to show for our weekend.  My phone is full of photos and won't let me take anymore...I know, ridiculous.  I'm cleaning it out today, don't worry.

It was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G on Friday!  So we stayed in (shocker!) and I made a healthy homemade dinner.

Did I mention I've been trying to eat paleo?  Key word, trying.  I was REALLY GOOD, before the holidays.  Then the holidays happened and it all went down the gutter.  Granted, I was much better than normal sand made smarter choices, but overall, it was a fail.  I'm officially back on track.  More to come on what paleo means and why I decided to try it.

Saturday consisted of quite a few errands after trying out the new Tribeca FlyWheel.  Great location, nice studio, but why the hell do these places put in limited bathrooms?!  I don't get it!  I had to wait in line to change from my warm pants to biking shorts.  Doesn't matter though, I'll continue to go back.  :)

Back to the grind...

Have a great week!


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