Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fall Fashion Inspiration

Fall fashion is my favorite!  Granted, right now it’s freezing and I don’t care how cute I look because I want to be warm.  If this parka wasn’t the best investment ever, I don’t know what was.  While fall/winter clothes are a little bulky, I would rather throw on boots and a sweater, than shorts and a t-shirt any day.

Does anyone else rely on magazines and Pinterest for fashion inspiration?  I do.  Even if you don’t have the exact same pieces, you can pretty much mimic any look.  Here are a few outfit inspirations I've turned to:

I love that this outfit could easily transition from day to night after a day at the office.

I want a grey beanie!

All I need is a blue checkered shirt to complete this look.  I also need to perfect a sock-bun, but that's not going to happen.  :(

There's nothing super special about this look, other than it's effortlessly chic.  Great for a weekend.

There are so many staple pieces that I need and want for my wardrobe.  The highest one on my list is the classic black caviar Chanel bag. 

Where do you find your fashion inspiration?


PS - I might start trying to take pictures of what I wear.  We did get a new camera for Christmas (a post on the kind is coming soon).

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