Thursday, July 25, 2013

Worst Shampoo Ever!

I'm out of shampoo and am in the market for a new brand.  There is one that I LOVE, but it's so expensive.  We will get to that one.

After thinking about it, I've tried so many shampoos.  There are too many to choose from.  I swear, the worst shampoo I've ever used is by Dove.

It's unfortunate too because I love most of their products.  But the shampoo leaves your hair feeling like straw; dry and dull.  

On the flip side, the best shampoo I've ever used is by Kerastase.  It's no secret their products are amazing, but they're so pricey.  

I love going home though, my mom has one product from about each of their lines.  No wonder I have great hair days when I'm back in Kansas; I'm throwing hundreds of dollars of products in my hair.  ;)

I might have to break down and buy it this time around though; it's too good to pass up.

1 comment:

  1. Not beacuse a shampoo doesnt work for your hair doesnt mean it is the worst shampoo ever, i love Dove and is a graet Brand forme, however amazing aricle i love your blog!!!!