Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Likeable Links

Lots of fun things going on in the news this week.  Obviously the biggest piece of news is the Royal Baby!  The press appears to have camped out for days awaiting the birth.  So crazy!

**1) The Royal Baby hysteria is certainly hitting the U.S. as well!  Americans seem to be fascinated.

**2) I really want access to a pool.  Preferably one of these private ones.

**3) Definitely going to these restaurants.  Maybe one for our ONE YEAR wedding anniversary. 

**4) Amazing!

**5) I don't fully understand the Cronut craise.  You have to preorder these stupid things in advance?!

Hopefully this is a speedy day!

1 comment:

  1. 3 things: the baby is adorable and I'm happy there is a wholesome celebrity family to follow, congrats on one year, and those doughnut/croissant hybrids are AMAZING. the bakery we got our wedding cake from has them and I about died of happiness, hyperglycemia and clogged arteries at the same time!