Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend Recap!

What a great weekend!  All weekends should be four days to fit in the appropriate amount of fun and relaxation.

After the crazy amounts of BBQ on the Fourth, we continued the food extravaganza to Pok Pok in Cobble Hill.  So good!  And this time it was only about a 60 minute wait (rather than the 3 hours in the winter).

Gorgeous night outisde!

Although it was hotter than hell outside.  We sat in the back patio area; it was actually cooler outside after we consumed spicy food.

Refreshing cocktails at an adorable bar, Henry Public

Saturday, even hotter than Friday, a couple of girlfriends and I decided to venture out in to the heat to some stores on Fifth.  I got bored while the woman at JCrew was trying to find me another size.  :)

I ended the weekend getting organized for the week and planned our meals out accordingly.  It really just makes things so much easier.  I highly recommend it.

It doesn't hurt having adorable menu pads from Emily Ley.

(All new recipes to come soon on the blog.)

Hope everyone had a great extended weekend and are ready to tackle the week!

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