Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Monday, there is never going to be a time where I like you.

Too short of a weekend, but we definitely a fun one.  The stress of the week though always becomes too much of a reality on Sunday night.  

We started watching House of Cards on Friday night.  For those of you that don't know, it's a series that you can only order from Netflix.  It's definitely worth subscribing to Netflix and watching.  Kevin Spacey is great and Robin Wright is gorgeous; I want her haircut when I'm older.  Mine would definitely not look as good though.  I know, random

Saturday we headed to Williamsburg where clearly everyone is loving Citi Bike.  Glad to see they're being put to good use.

Haven't seen this lady for a year!

Action shot.

After being over-served at Spritzenhaus, Jaime and I headed to dinner at Maison Premiere.

Obviously when asked if we wanted to sit at the oyster bar we said of course!

A dozen raw oysters and other raw fish later, we were set.

I'll leave you with the image of these delicious looking oyster in your head all week.  This was a great reminder of why I purchased an oyster shucker so we could have these anytime we want.

Have a great week!

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