Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crockpot Cooking in the Summer

It is so hot here these days!  Our AC units have been cranking, day and night. 

 It made for a rough day yesterday when our office building decided to turn the air down (or off!!) for most of the day.  

I totally understand wanting to conserve energy, but how about you turn the temp down in the lobby of the building; I'm pretty sure it's about 58 degrees down there.  Thank goodness today it was back to being an igloo.

I know it's silly to repost something I posted so recently, but it's definitely worth reposting given the weather.

Anything you can cook without turning your oven on is a win in my book.

I know, it seems a bit odd to make a hot soup in 90+ degree temperatures, but I'd rather eat something hot than cook something at 425 degrees for any amount of time.  

This way, not only do you not heat up your home, but you can also prep the meal before you leave for the day and it's done when you get home.  

Follow this link to the original recipe.


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