Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Recap: It's been a while!

So I failed miserably last week!  Different week, same's been busy.  

The sad thing, I had most posts for last week prepped and ready to go.  I was so busy that I didn't even make time to log in and post.  The good news, most posts for this week are prepped.

This weekend was perfectly relaxing.  I love rainy day weekends because it makes me feel like less of a bum when I don't leave the house.

We had quite a social week last week, so it was nice to catch up on what was saved on our DVR.  We also had our own little Justified marathon and watched Silver Linings Playbook.  I highly recommend both if you haven't seen them.

Thursday night we met up with a large group to see off one of my oldest friends and her husband; they're move to Australia and I still can't hardly believe it.  Perfect excuse to go visit while they are there for the next few years!

While I was definitely in pain on Friday (harsh reminder of why we don't do anything during the week), it was well worth it.  Note to self, don't do tequila shots on a Thursday though.

Even Jaime stayed still long enough for me to snap this photo.  In case you weren't aware, he hates close-ups.

Bad news.

Thank God for a short week this week!  We are headed home on Wednesday and I could not be more excited; we haven't been home since Christmas.  I'm mostly excited to see my Dad's new business up and running, Standees.  There's nothing like going home and relaxing in your parent's house.

Only two more days until the weekend...well, at least for me.  :)

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