Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Black Wedges

I am in desperate need of some new spring/summer clothes and shoes.  One item high on my list?  Black wedges.  

I have worn a cream color pair of wedges to the ground, and even though they go with everything, I always feel like I've been lacking a pair of wedges that can transition from day to night.

1) Michael Kors: These are probably my favorite.  Michael Kors are always reliable and are on the comfortable side.
2) Dolce Vita: Always a great brand!  They aren't over priced, are durable and pretty comfortable by my standards.
3) Kardashian Collection: I'm not thrilled these are part of the Kardashian Collection, but they are kind of cute.  I feel like I'd fall over though.
4) Alice and Olivia: Simple.  I like them.
5) Asos: I don't know why, but these seem to be the dressiest to me.  A great option though.

Find anything you like?  I think I'm going to go with #1 or #2.

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