Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap: Chicago Getaway

I'm back!  Wow - last week was insane.  Working Monday through Thursday might be ideal, but it sure as hell doesn't allow enough time to get everything done.

We headed to Chicago this weekend to visit some friends.  It was a lot of fun!  Great weather.

I always thought Chicago might be a place we could settle down with a family, but now I'm not sure.  Not to sound ridiculous, but there's really no place like New York.

We kicked the weekend off with a boat tour of the City.  It's been ages since I was last in Chicago, so it was great to visit.

 Saturday started with a $25 all you can drink brunch.  It was gorgeous outside, but the food took a ridiculously long time to arrive.  Jaime wasn't even posing for this one; he had no idea I was taking the photo.  This is natural.

Eating healthy wasn't really top of mind as we toured a variety of restaurants on bars.  Bacon fat cooked popcorn here, yum.

 I had never had Chicago style pizza.  Holy crap is it thick!!

 I obviously squeezed in a photo at the pizza place.  I love Jaime's face in this one.

Time for a busy week!  Let the countdown to Friday begin.  :)

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