Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Weekend Recap!

What a great weekend!  We decided to celebrate my birthday on Friday night.  I hate when your birthday falls on a Monday.  You can't go out and celebrate as you normally would.

Since I knew we were doing dinner and drinks on Friday, I was smart enough to cancel my Barry's class for Saturday morning.  Thank goodness.  Saturday morning/early afternoon was spent sitting on the couch doing nothing.  I take that back, I did get up to go get a 60 minute massage.  Then came back and continued doing nothing.  This is very rare.

Anyway, this year's birthday dinner was spent at Gramercy Tavern.  The setting is slight more classic than restaurants we typically go to, but it was super cozy.  Especially on a rainy Saturday night.

There was a more casual bar area upfront that we'll definitely be trying sometime in the near future.  It seemed like a great place to grab a drink and a small bite.

We opted for the traditional pre-fixed menu which included some amazing dishes.

After dinner we dropped by ABC Kitchen for a quick nightcap.  

Needless to say, we're getting old and headed home after one additional drink.  This place is a lot bigger inside than I thought it would be.

Most restaurants that offer a pre-fixed menu give you something to go such as chocolates or macaroons.  Gramercy Tavern took it one step further and provided us with a oat muffin which ended up tasting like coffee cake.  It was delightful.  Even more delightful since I didn't have to cook breakfast on Saturday morning.

After a full-day of recuperating, we had a friend's housewarming party Saturday evening.  Great time, with great friends in what I must say is a gorgeous apartment.

Definitely was a slow starting Sunday as well.  We both had a little too much fun.

On our walk over though, I did get this amazing shot of the sunset.  It was a perfect Saturday night.

We have a short week ahead, thank goodness!  It is officially wedding season.  :)


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