Monday, February 24, 2014

Enjoying the Weekends!

Happy Monday!  I've loved watching some of the Olympics.  However, I miss our regular programs.  There has been nothing on.  Maybe this is a sign that our lives revolve around TV.

While I know every weekend is too short, this weekend was exceptionally short.  The weather was gorgeous on both Saturday and Sunday.  All the more reason to complete and attack our weekend to do list.  We also need to invest in more experiences and get more out of our weekends according to this article.

Regardless of wanting there to be one more day or relaxation, I'm still trying to go into this week positively though.

Image source.
Jaime arrived home from a work trip on Friday night (late) and then we had to meet up with some friends for a very quick drink.

Saturday we then made our way to Garden City for a party with some of my work friends.  It ended up being a really fun night, however, I failed to take many photos outside of these.

We ended the weekend with this lovely meal.   
(Recipe for the soup is coming soon.)


Here’s to hoping this week moves fast and the weather gets better and better!


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