Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Likeable Links: Thanksgiving Edition!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  The last few weeks have been quite crazy at work, hence the nonexistent blog posts.  

 I cannot wait for Thanksgiving!  It is by far my favorite holiday.  This is the second year in a row that we will be celebrating in NYC with friends, rather than making the trip home.  Even though we’ll both miss our families, don’t feel too sorry for us, we’ll be heading back to Kansas before you know it for Christmas.  What are you doing for Thanksgiving (or “friendsgiving”)? 

We are hosting our first Thanksgiving ever.  It’s a lot of pressure!  Especially in a tiny apartment.  Although, we’re not doing the turkey.  One of our friends has mastered this process and insisted on taking the lead.  How could I refuse?  ;)  I will be cooking a variety of other dishes and a dessert though.  Like these peanut butter blossoms.

There have been so many fun articles I’ve read over the last week.  Here are a few of my favorite for this edition of Likable Links:

** I would really like to give my guests a grub box.
** If you plan on being a Thanksgiving guest, read these.
** Ways to become better at your job.  Always a good thing!

I’m so ready to eat all the awesome Thanksgiving food tomorrow.  Stuffing and green bean casserole are by far two of my favorite items on the menu.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!  And always remember what you have to be thankful for.


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