Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall To Do List

Fall, my favorite time of year.  It is definitely a reminder of why I love New York so much.

There are so many amazing things to do year round, but some activities are just much sweeter when done in the crisp fall weather.

Here are a few activities I'd like to do before it gets too cold:

** Perfect a spiked cider recipe - This is very important!  However, it might be better to wait until it gets super cold.
** Apple picking - I have no idea what I would do with an excessive amount of apples we'd pick, but it always seems like a great idea.

** Winery - When wine is involved, it is always an option no matter the season.  I think it would be great to head-out of the city to a nearby vineyard, have a picnic and drink some wine.

** Picnic in Central Park - How amazing does a picnic sound in Central Park on a slightly chilly fall day.  You could bring a spiked cider (hence wanting to perfect the recipe) and cheese.  Sounds very picturesque to me.

** Pumpkin picking - This would probably go hand-in-hand with apple picking, but it seems like a classic October activity. 

** Make apple cider doughnuts.

I hope to get most of these checked off our to do list.  What's on your agenda this fall?


PS - We're knocking this off the fall to do list in a couple of weeks!  Hopefully the weather is perfect.

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