Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend Recap: Anniversary Weekend!

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.

It was more than just Labor Day weekend for us; it was our first wedding anniversary!  I cannot believe it's been a year since our wedding.  Everyone tries to tell you time flies and your wedding day is over before you know it, but it really goes by so fast.  

If I could go back and relive our wedding day, I would.

Of course I wanted us to have a plan as we headed into a four day weekend.  I'm not a planner or anything.  ;)  

Friday we headed out to Long Beach to relax by the water before the crazy crowds descended upon the beaches on Saturday.  It was a gorgeous day!  And the $20 umbrella we bought at KMart a few years ago came in handy.

It was nice being out of Manhattan for a few hours.  After staring at the water for a few hours, we headed over to the Allegria Hotel for some drinks before taking a train home.  

Gorgeous view!  Definitely drank this glass of champs a little too fast though.

Saturday we started the day off with massages.  I forgot how much I love them; so relaxing.  

Our anniversary was actually Sunday (September 1st) but we decided to do our anniversary dinner on Saturday night.  There are hundreds of restaurants on our "to try" list as you probably know, so narrowing down a place we wanted to try for our first anniversary dinner was difficult!  

We ended up choosing Torrisi Italian Specialties and we were NOT disappointed.  It was delicious!  

It's a seven course pre-fixe menu that's constantly changing.  I love quaint little restaurants that seat no more than 20-25 people.  It's even better when there's a tiny kitchen in the dining room.  It's baffling to me how they cook such amazing food with one cutting board, two hot plates and some pots.

Sunday I fit in probably one of the most fun spin classes I've been to (especially at Crunch).  Other than Soul Cycle, I don't describe them as fun.  My day became even better when I arrived home to these gorgeous pink roses.

We kept with tradition and had the top of our wedding cake.  My parent's spent so much time making sure it was packaged appropriately a year ago.  It was good they did too because it tasted perfect!

They shipped it overnight so we had it just in time for our special day.

We met some friends at Umami Burger (delicious burgers, terrible service) and then had cocktails and cake at our place.  I won't bore you with he dorky wedding cake cutting photos.  ;)  But here's proof that it clearly tasted quite good.  

(Note: My mom is doing a guest blog post tomorrow regarding packaging and storing a wedding cake.)



The weekend was perfect.  Even though we didn't go anywhere, it was just what we needed; a combination of relaxation and fun!  I love going into a four day week too!!

I hope you all had a great weekend as well!


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