Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Helpful Tips from Nance!

We had plenty of cake left after our wedding. More than I thought we would, honestly.

Since our wedding was in Kansas City and we have a tiny freezer, we had to store the top of our wedding cake at my parents' house.

Luckily, my mom researched how to store the top tier and called our cake lady to confirm the process. It turned out to be quite fresh when we received it this weekend!

Lucky for you, my Mom agreed to type up exactly what she did to ensure a delicious cake a year after your wedding. One piece of foil and a layer of saran wrap just won't cut it. Take notes...


First things first, place the top tier in a cake box with a very tight fit.

Wrap the box in saran wrap.  Lots and lots of saran wrap! Go crazy! Then, once you think you have enough, do more! Done.

Next, wrap the saran wrapped cake box in an entire box of foil.  Wrap it from every angle.  Keep wrapping!  Wrap until you think you might be just ridiculous.

Even though it seems like an excessive amount of foil, you'll be thankful later.

Once you rip through all the foil, here's what the saran wrap layer looks like.

Put a note on top that says top of cake and you're done!  Put it in the freezer and wait patiently for a year. 

If you need to send to the bride a groom, send it overnight on dry ice in a Styrofoam container (very tight) inside of a box.  Again, make sure this is packed very tight!

Take to ups store. Make small talk with the very good looking middle aged (my age) UPS man!!!  :)

Track the package until noon the next day and unwrap immediately.  The cake needs to sit out on a cake platter for at least 24 hours before eating.

Finally, celebrate with a piece of wedding cake on your one year anniversary!

Follow these instructions and it will taste like the wedding day!!!


Hope you enjoyed my Mom's post.


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