Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Likable Links!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  It's been a while (again).  It's so hard to keep this up sometimes.  

We just returned from a very fun/relaxing weekend in New Mexico.  Definitely a state I thought I'd never visit, but one that I'd recommend going forward.

As I prep our long weekend recap, here are some Likable Links to get you through the week.

** This looks like a really cute Mexican place in Brooklyn.  I might need to take a bit of a break from Mexican food though after this weekend.  (There's something I thought I'd never say.)  Look how cool the trailer is!

** I love a good cheese plate.  But sometimes it's hard to make them look pretty.  These creative ideas for your next party to impress your guests.  We have some gorgeous slates from Brooklyn Slate to achieve look number three.

** I need the new iPhone 5S.  This article only reconfirms it even more.  I have been trying to upgrade my software and even that isn't possible right now; I have too many pictures on my phone (shocking, I know).

** To go to business school or not go to business school, that is the question in this article.  There was a time I was thinking about going back to school.  Not so much anymore.  Would you go back?  

Enjoy the rest of your week!  Even with a five day weekend, we are counting down the days until Friday.

Stay tuned for part 1 of the New Mexico recap.  :)


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