Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Who wears short leather shorts?

Leather, leather, leather and more leather.  Your entire wardrobe for the coming season should pretty much consist of all leather.

I was baffled by the rise of leather shorts.  So odd.  Leather pants? Maybe.  Leather skirts?  Sure.  But leather shorts?!  All I can think about when it comes to leather pants is Ross Geller on Friends.

I gave into the trend this weekend when Jaime and I wandered up to Club Monaco to glance at the fall collections.

I must say, I'm pretty excited about this pair I picked up.  
*Sidenote: Club Monaco's fall line is pretty adorable!

Now, what the heck do you wear with leather shorts now and in the fall?  Here are some great photos for inspiration:

Love this super casual look for the day.  Who would have thought you could pair flannel with leather shorts?

Nothing better than a classic white t-shirt with pretty much anything.

You can never go wrong with black on black.  I also love her shoes.  I purchased some similar to (hopefully) wear this weekend.

I adore her bag and jewelry.  I'm officially on the hunt for her blouse as well. 

Now for some fall looks:

There is going to be a lot of leather on leather this season.  As you may recall, a new black leather jacket is one of the many items on my fall wish list. 

My husband, and I think most men, hate the shorts and tights look.  He's going to have to get over it because with leather shorts, it's bound to happen in the colder months.  Complete the look with a great pair of stilettos and you're set!

Have I persuaded you to purchase leather shorts yet?


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