Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Summer is almost over, it was made very apparent this weekend.  We headed out to Coney Island.  Honestly, I was dreading it.  It sounded exhausting to me.  In the end, I can honestly say I really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun!

It would not have been as fun though if it was too hot.  Luckily, it was probably the most perfect weather we’ve had to date this summer.  It was of course a little bit cooler out by the water, which was very nice.

 We didn’t ride the Wonder Wheel this time around, but it still looked really pretty.  The key to any good amusement park is a great ferris wheel.

Here’s a shot of Jaime and I before riding the swing ride.  Who would have thought that a ride where you sit in a swing and spin around high above the ground would be so terrifying?!  It just feels very unstable.

 We were not leaving until Jaime won me a prize.  Luckily he did.  However, I ended up giving both prizes he won for me to two little kids.  What am I going to do with two stuffed animals?


 After several hours at the park, we headed out to the Playland Motel in the Rockaways.  It was WAY far out there, but a lot of fun.
 (Here's an article about the space from PureWow.)

Even though he hates it, I do love taking candid shots of my husband.  ;)  He’ll get over it.

 All inall, a great weekend!   

Even better that today is the start of a four day week.  My parents are shipping the top of our cake to us this week.  I’m pretty sure they did a dress rehearsal this weekend to ensure it was all packaged and timed appropriately.   

It’s probably going to cost as much as our whole cake to ship it out to us on dry ice.  Totally worth it.  #bestparentsever


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