Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Sundays are depressing.  Especially when you realize there's a soccer game on at 6:00 pm that your husband has been dying to watch all day long.  Did I miss something?  I thought this was the OFF SEASON?!  At least I had some work to do.

The only thing that makes this Monday a little less painful is that the 4th of July is this week!

It's almost like a four day weekend since we get Thursday off to watch fireworks and hangout with friends.  I'm hoping it's not too unbearably hot though.

This weekend was great!  Of course, our weekend technically started on Thursday night with these to lovebirds getting engaged.  I could not be more excited for them.

It was quiet muggy here on Saturday, so after a ton of walking around and shopping, we decided to stop for an afternoon beverage at Gilligan's at the Soho Grand hotel (cute set-up).  It's a pop-up bar outside of the hotel.

Anyone that knows me knows I DON'T drink any sugary drinks or frozen items from the bar.  Of course, since I was sweating bullets I decided to order a watermelon margarita (it looked so refreshing)...big mistake.  I only had half, but I can definitely see how a couple of these can get to someone.  #liteweight

Luckily Jaime was able to step-up and finish it off for me.

Outside of that, we relaxed and watched (for the first time ever) Les Miserables.  
(SPOILER ALERT: We had no idea Anne Hathaway's character dies near the beginning.  We were both kind of impressed she one the Oscar).

Sometimes a movie at home sounds like an amazing idea when it's so hot outside   Although, when does it not sound like a great idea?

Have a great (hopefully short) week!!

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