Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Let's Celebrate!

Remember that one time I started a blog?

Wow, it's been a YEAR (today!) since I started Manoun Mania!  I can't believe it.  A lot has changed in a year: the biggest thing obviously being got married!!  And I think a lot of my inspiration when I first started was more wedding focused; that has clearly changed.

I initially wanted to document different things we were doing (in some odd way it's a journal) and it is a way to stay connected to family and friends that don't live close.  Let's be honest, we all like stalking people in one way shape or form and reading blogs is a good way to accomplish this...we all do it.  :) 

In no way have I pretended a professional blogger (yet...ha!), I feel as though this is a creative outlet to share different ideas, recipes, workouts, etc.  Even though there are days where I totally struggle on topics to write about, there are other times I'm flooded with ideas.  

In any case, there are so many great blogs out there that inspire me and contain great ideas, why not try and do the same for someone else.

Manoun Mania started over on Weebly initially, so there's a lot documented there that I haven't transferred over for those of you that are interested: http://manounmania.weebly.com/.

On to another great year!  Hope everyone is having a great week.  


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