Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Recap: Birthday/Father's Day!

What a great weekend!!  My parents were here for my birthday and Father's Day and we had a blast. 

I feel so grateful to have such amazing parents who are fun and so supportive of everything we do.

We started the weekend off when they arrived on Saturday morning with a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn Bridge Park.  Our reward for the walk?  Cocktails in the park with a cheese plate.  Duh!  Who doesn't like to end a long walk with wine?

Not sure what's happening to my t-shirt here, but It's cute of everyone else.  Clearly I just threw myself together last minute.

How adorable are Nancy and Frank?!

We started the evening off with more, wait for it, wine and cheese.  :)  Well, Mom and I had prosescco (of course), but you know what I mean.

Saturday night we headed to Perry Street for my unofficial birthday dinner.  Lobster in a lemon butter sauce with potato ravioli underneath.  To. Die. For. 

A quick shot before heading out to listen to Jazz at Arthur's.

Mom of course made friends with the lovely people next to us.  There was definitely dancing involved Saturday night.  Well, Mom and I danced.  Jaime and Dad, not so much.

Sunday we headed to Central Park after brunch at, where else, Cafe Cluny.  I know what you're thinking, wasn't I just there last weekend?  Yes.  

Central Park was supposed to involve a picnic, but after stuffing our faces with eggs, bacon, toast, hash-browns and french toast, we figured we layoff the food for a bit.  

But after lounging for a while, we ended up at Eataly for more drinks and cheese.  :)

Even though we were just home and we will be home again in late July/early August, it's still always so hard to see my parents off.  I already miss them.

Cheers to a very memorable New York weekend!

PS - Thank god I have an early morning workout tomorrow; I need it after the last two weekends of eating.

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