Friday, April 19, 2013

Health and Fitness Friday!

There are two ingredients that I have tried to introduce in our diet more and more: lentils and quinoa.  There are health benefits to both!  The only problem, they aren't that good on their own.

I have found that both are great though when mixed with other ingredients and their taste becomes slightly camouflaged.

What are the health benefits of each?

Lowers Cholesterol
Heart Health
Digestive Health
Stabalized Blood Sugar
Good Protein
Increases Energy
Weight Loss
(Health Benefits provided by Mind Body

Quinoa (The Super Grain):
Protein Rich
Contains Iron
Contains Lysine
Rich in Magnesium
High in Raboflavin (B2)
High in Manganese
(Health Benefits provided by

For some reason I found both of these items intimidating to cook with on a regular basis.  But now having used them in a number of dishes, I am confident they will continue to be a staple in our diet.

Do you eat these two items in your diet?

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