Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Did you read that?

Ever come across blogs, stories, photos, products, etc., that you want to share with others?  I do.  Going forward, I will try and share at least three fun links (maybe more) that I come across over the course of the week.

Here are the first: 
  • SNL: Melissa McCarthy hosted SNL last Saturday.  She's pretty freaking funny.  That show isn't overly funny on a regular basis anymore, unfortunately, but she's definitely seems like a true comedian.
  • Charge it: I'm seriously thinking of purchasing this awesome little invention!  A purse that CHARGES your phone.  Sign me up!
  • I hate NY: This article on the Huffington Post is pretty hilarious and SO true.  One of the best lines "There are only two seasons in New York -- excruciating heat and bitter cold."  Seriously, it's worse than Kansas.
  • Migraines Suck: Migraines suck!  I often get annoyed when people Facebook or Tweet that they have a migraine, when they are having a migraine.  If you actually had a true migraine,  you would not even be able to look at a computer.  Just saying...
What interesting articles have you read this week?

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