Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Recap: Happy Monday!

November weekends are the best.  It might be time to dig out our winter coats soon.

This weekend we celebrated Jaime's birthday, which was on Friday, and attended a silent disco on Saturday.  Which meant that I consumed more alcohol than I have in a while; I'm such a lightweight.

Dinner on Friday was at Sushi Dojo.  It was amazing!  I love sitting at the bar.  Watching the chef select what they're going to serve you and put it together.  It's like watching a performance.

Afterwards we headed for some after dinner cocktails at Angels Share.  I prefer bars that require everyone to have a seat (yes, I'm getting old).  It makes the experience much more enjoyable.  A whiskey bar was definitely the appropriate end Jaime's birthday.

 The birthday boy was clearly excited about the wide array of whiskeys they had.  (Sorry for the picture quality.)

It was gorgeous on Saturday!  Beautiful weather definitely makes it easier to get things done and increases productivity.  Even if it was a little chilly.

Saturday night we went to a silent disco in Brooklyn.  It was really fun!  The backyard was adorable.

Since last week I wasn't my normal prepared self, I wanted this week to be different.  Therefore, I spent Sunday working and prepping some meals for the week.  Oh, and I must get back into my workout routine.

Have a great week!


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