Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Recap: Visitors!

I'm back!  It's been super busy here lately.  We are easing in to summer though and enjoying great food, drinks, friends, weather and of course weekend visitors.

The first round of visitors were a couple of college girlfriends this weekend.  Even though it's exhausting to go, go, go all weekend long, they were quite easy going guests.  

I forget what it's like to just stroll through the City, not be running from work, to workouts, to the grocery store.  It's nice to appreciate our surroundings every once in a while.  

The weekend started off with this little lady arriving first.  Of course an intimate dinner to catch up was a must, so we headed over to Commerce.  I'm not sure why they seated us at such a small table where we had to sit next to each other.  But we loved it.

Saturday the three of us headed to brunch at one of my favorite places, Cafe Cluny.  This was simply french toast for the table.  We had a ton of other food.

Next stop, mimosas in Soho.  What is it about friends coming in to town and you suddenly feel like you're on vacation too?

Saturday night we headed to dinner at Beauty and Essex (great girls night dinner location).  Great people watching here; there was one gentleman that had been quite over served.  Before heading out we enjoyed one mini glass of champagne in the bathroom lounge/bar.

Sunday was the perfect day for a picnic in Central Park.  After picking up a great spread from Murray's, we head up to chill on a blanket and people watch.  (Jaime and I must be doing more of this in the coming months.)

We ended the weekend with dinner at Pastis and cupcakes from Magnolia.

Jaime of course begged to take a photo with the ladies before it was all over.  ;)

Even though there was no celebrity sighting, I hope they had fun!  After the amount of eating and drinking we did this weekend, I will be hitting the gym HARD this week.  Ugh, I'm so full.

We have only five days until our next round of guests arrive; my parents!  They are coming in for my birthday weekend.  

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