Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Likeable Links

** Framed and Matted:  This is an amazing concept!  This company will frame and matte just about anything and shipping is free!  :)  Definitely trying this in the near future.  Nothing like a good photo collection on a bare wall.

** Great Multi-Taskers: New Yorkers are great mult-taskers (this is an understatement)!  This one stop shop for a mani and a blowout is sure to be a hit with the busy people of this amazing city.

** Super Fancy: I know this article is very outdated, but I've been trying to locate the name of this place.  I'm definitely going to hit-up Tenoverten sometime.  I like to relax and unwind while I get my nails done.  Not that I wouldn't try the place mentioned above in a pinch.

** Corn Season: I'm definitely going to have to try some things from this top 10 list; I do love my corn and peaches in the summer months.


** Paula Deen: Poor Paula Deen, she is NOT having a good week.  I haven't decided how I feel about the situation.  It seems as if the media backlash is far worse than the situation; but that's to be expected.  However, it also sounds as if she was super casual in court speaking "in her usual forthcoming and folksy style."  Everyone makes mistakes, but maybe she didn't take the situation serious enough.

Happy Hump Day!

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