Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Tuesday!  Only three more days until the weekend.  :)  

We had a great time at home; I don't remember the last time I spent two full days on my parents couch.  It was amazing!

Obviously one of our main reasons for visiting KC was to support Standees, my Dad's new business venture with his current company.  It was gorgeous!

The digital screens around the bar are definitely the center of attention!  

(Sidenote: You know my husband asked them to change one of the channels to soccer.  Weird too, since it's OFF SEASON!!!!)

Obviously a ribbon cutting ceremony is a must!

Mom and I found it necessary to test out the bathroom.  Everything seems fine in there.  :)

Friday night we were able to enjoy some of the high-quality food!  We are picky about our food, and this was delicious.  I don't even like pork chops and this one was really good.  I ordered the halibut though, highly recommended!! 

Not pictured are the burt end meatballs with deep fried peppers and queso dip (queso dip is so hard to find in NYC!)

Drinks, a must, duh!

Finally on Saturday night I was able to enjoy some couch time with this little lady and my in-laws.  Of course there was prosecco involved.  Did you even have to ask?

All-in-all, it was a successful trip home.  We are now back to the grind and I'm already exhausted.  Can we go home again?

My parents are here in two weeks for my birthday weekend and then we're back home in 10 weeks for a family wedding.

I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

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