Monday, April 8, 2013


Are you super excited for the new Manoun Mania?!?  

I must say, this whole blog thing can be quite addicting.  I have most of my posts prepped for the week and preset to post.  Even though I'm pumped about Blogspot, I still think the whole platform is unnecessarily difficult (maybe it't just me).

Going forward, in addition to the many food focused posts (don't worry, those will continue), I am aiming to post more about beauty products, fashion, home, fitness and travel.  Get excited!

What else can you expect from the NEW blog?  New series, new topics, new inspiration.  I hope you're looking forward to everything to come; I am! 

On another note, this weekend was gorgeous!  Spring is officially here.  Barry's Bootcamp was was harder than ever; I'm trying to fit another class in this week.  I burned almost 900 calories before 1:00 pm on Saturday, I'd say that was successful.  I wish I could do that every single day though.

Have a great week!  Get ready for some fun posts.


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